To tip or not to tip?  That is the question - Blog Post

11/1/2017 - Many new changes & updates are coming soon!  Unfortunately my news section of this website gets updated last...I know...the irony.


1/20/15 - I wanted to write this for anyone getting a massage wondering if they should tip or not.  I've been frequently asked in my own practice about tipping.  I will address it not only for my own practice, but covering the massage industry as a whole in the US.  Read more HERE.

Winter edition of Body Sense Magazine

1/15/15 - Body Sense Magazine features on a variety of massage modalities with tips on healthy living.  Topics included with the winter edition are:  Eating smarter this holiday season, reducing blood pressure with massage, choosing bodywork that is suited best for your needs & emotional reactions on the massage table.  Read it HERE.

Chronic aches and pains?

1/01/15 - There are so many people that need to see me more often for the chronic pains that they have to endure day in and day out.  The common excuse for not seeing me of course is that it's too costly to get consistent massage.  I hear this excuse often as people will pay $30/$40 co-pays for the chiropractor as they go 2-3 times a week.  I hear this excuse as people will pay $50-$100 for primary medical care that will prescribe painkiller medications for some of these issues.  

What do I propose?  I'd like to see you at least once a week for 4 weeks to work on your muscle problems.  I'll do 30 minute focus massages to the areas that need it most.  I'll charge $95 upfront for these 4 sessions (you end up getting a free massage in the savings).  That's right, you can get 4 massages for under $100 (which some places will charge over $100 for one massage).  That's a pretty good deal for consistent massage for your chronic aches and pains.  Ready to schedule today?  Contact me today!  Want to see my other package deals?  Click HERE.

How often should I get a massage? - Blog Post

12/16/14 - It is the question I hear often at the end of a massage session.  The answer isn't the same for everyone.  It depends on your goals with massage and how helpful it was in your treatment.  For some, consistent massage can be very beneficial.  For others it may not be the best avenue of approach in healing the body.  Read more about this HERE.