Pricing & Services

Welcome to the office!

Welcome to the office!

Office rates for Integrative Massage:

60 Minutes   $90

90 Minutes   $125

120 Minutes  $170

MediCupping Massage Rates (More Info HERE)

60 Minutes  $90

90 Minutes  $125

Package deals can be found HERE

Every massage is tailored for each individual person.  The massage techniques listed below are used in combination for the best possible experience.  These are a list of skills that this therapist is trained on to help you most.


Relaxation Massage

If you are looking to relax, a traditional swedish massage is what you want.  The massage includes techniques such as effluerage, petrissage, kneading, and more to give a sense of overall relaxation.  The goal is to increase circulation in the body, reduce anxiety, reduce swelling from injury, and make you feel very relaxed.  Read more HERE.

Deep Tissue

This technique uses the basic strokes of a swedish massage, but uses more pressure to get to underlying muscle tissue (deeper tissues).  Many like Deep Tissue, and can find it more relaxing than a traditional swedish massage.  This massage is geared more for sore muscles, muscle stiffness, chronic pain, and helps with muscle recovery.  Read more HERE  

Trigger Point Therapy & Neuromuscular

Used in conjunction with Deep Tissue massage to find irritable muscle "knots" and work them out through compression and other swedish techniques.  These points are worked on to decrease pain, increase flexibility in body tissues, and help rebuild injured areas.  Trigger point therapy is useful in treating conditions such as frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and plantar fasciatis as well as other muscle conditions.  Read more HERE.

Myofascial Release

Another neuromuscular approach to working the body.  This is a more gentle modality than trigger point massage in working pain & dysfunction by using light holds and stretches to work deep in the body.  Instead of targeting deeper muscles, myofascial release targets connective tissue (the fascia) of the body.  This modality can be very efficient in helping with long time pain symptoms such as limited range of motion.  Read more HERE.

MediCupping Therapy

Cupping in conjunction with massage techniques.  Static cups along with the MediCupping machine are used for relaxing tight muscle tissue and relief pain symptoms.  MediCupping is also great for lymphatic drainage, softening scar tissue, relieving chronic conditions, improving circulation and more.  This therapy is like a deep tissue massage without the elbow in the back.  You can read more about it HERE.

Sports Massage

Getting ready for the big event?  Or do you need to get massaged and stretched out?  This massage is for you.  Sports massage is for those that want to prepare the body, restore the body after strain, and break up stiff muscle adhesion's after the sporting event.  This is a good massage for 1-2 days before an event, and 3-4 days after an event.  Read more HERE.

Pregnancy Massage

Ever heard that massage was unsafe for pregnant mothers?  I'm here to say that being educated on the subject helps the most.  Unless you are a high risk pregnancy, pre-natal massage is perfectly safe for expecting mothers.  This massage focuses on low back pain, headaches, sciatic pain, muscle spasms or muscle cramping caused from the baby.  Its a great massage to decrease body tension.  Read more HERE.