The Ultimate Bodywork Program


Have you been suffering from terrible pain in the shoulders that's lasted for years?  How about that nagging leg pain that just wont go away?  Are you resigned to the fact that it's just "getting old pains" & that you'll just live with it forever?  Then it's time for you to take a serious look at this program!  Pain Relief Massage & Wellness has just introduced The Ultimate Bodywork Program.  

The Ultimate Bodywork Program is only open for those 100% committed in their own health.  A good candidate would be one who is looking to put the effort into getting and staying better.  Athletes who need to stay at peak physical performance & those who really need bodywork will love The Ultimate Bodywork Program. This program is designed to retrain your brain & body to break the cycle of chronic pain that may have lasted for years.  Those who have participated in this program have felt the best that they've had in years. 

Before enrolling, you would have to come in for an initial appointment along with a follow-up session before we can get started. Why do you ask?  We need to see that massage & bodywork is going to be the right fit for you.

What does this program entail?  It is 3 months of two hours of massage weekly.  This can be one single 2 hour appointment or broken up into two separate appointments.  All together it's 24 hours of massage & various types of bodywork, which is focused to reach your health goals.  Does this sound right up your alley?  Go ahead and read more details at my Ultimate Bodywork Program page for all the specifics.