Rochester Travel Massage

Would you like professional massage services in your home?  look no further!  This is a directory of therapists who may be able to come to your home or business to provide massage services.  Unfortunately, I (Shawn Belles) do not provide these services anymore due to my busy work schedule at the office.  Do you want to set-up a couple's massage or have a massage evening with friends in your home?  Contact one of the therapists below in the directory to get started.

When providing in-home massage, the therapist will bring his or her own table, music, clean sheets & blanket.  The only thing that you need to provide is a quiet space with adequate room to move around the massage table.  Just like any office visit, you will be required to fill out an intake form.

Pricing is also to be determined on therapist & based on your location (how far traveling from the Rochester area).  To be discussed at the time of making an appointment.  Prices are double for couples massage appointments. 

Massage Therapist Directory

For In-Home Massages

  1.   Julie Finer:  585-737-2929
  2.   Jamila Gonzalez:  585-900-1772/
  3.   Mandi King:  585-301-1439
  4.   Tree Marino:  585-269-4860
  5.   Michael Riley:  585-347-5121/
  6.   Mason Rodriguez:  585-905-4678

Corporate Chair & Events

Contact these therapists only for corporate chair events/special event planning (all therapists above can also be contacted)

  1.   Cassondra Kubit:  585-227-6816/
  2.   Diane Montanarella-Garcia:  585-317-7815/
  3.   Meg Reddington:  585-738-4263


Travel Massage FAQ's:  What to expect

Where do you set up for the massage?

The massage is all about you, so a low-traffic room that is relatively quiet works best.  The room should be big enough to accomodate a massage table, and work space for the therapist to move around the table.  An electrical outlet needs to be accessable for the use of table warmer and other spa equipment (not required though).

Music during the session?

If you enjoy music during your session, notify the therapist and ask what they'll bring for music.  You may also choose your own music to play as well.

Taking a health history intake form

Upon arrival to an initial appointment, it is required (by NYS law) that all clients fill out a health intake form.  The form does not take too long to fill out, and gives your therapist important information about how to go about your massage.  

Maintaining Professional Standards

During the massage, your privacy is at the utmost importance.  You will be draped by sheets and towels at all times except for the area of the body being worked on.  At no time will breasts and genitals be uncovered.  Sexual advances will not be tolerated, and will lead to the termination of the session with full payment due.

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately not at this time.  Even though some insurances will grant massage as part of their healthcare, most will not pay out to an independant massage therapist.  Under most insurances in NYS, a massage therapist is not listed as a qualified caregiver of massage.  Until there are some policy changes regarding massage and insurance, it cannot be accepted.  However, some therapists do take HSA/FSA cards with Visa/Mastercard on them.

Cancellation Policy

Please notify your therapist(s) 24 hours in advance if you plan to reschedule or cancel our appointment.  I understand that life happens and you may not be able to keep your appointment, just notify them as soon as possible.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.  A confirmation call will be made the day before/same day of the appointment.