Black Friday Specials


It's that time of year again!

Looking for a good deal for yourself or others this holiday?  Check out our Black Friday deals below.  Deals only on sale from 11/23-11/27.  Click HERE to get started.  Package gift certificates can be found HERE under dollar amount gift certificates or promotions.  They Should say "Black Friday" for the discount.

Special rates for single massages

60 minute massage:  $70 (from $80)

90 minute massage:  $80 (from $115)

special rates for packages

4 - 60 minute massages:  $240 (Buy 3, get 1 free) (from $300)

8 - 60 minute massages:  $480 (Buy 6, get 2 free) (from $560)

4 - 90 minute massages:  $345 (Buy 3, get 1 free) (from $440)

8 - 90 minute massages:  $690 (Buy 6, get 2 free) (from $805) (Biggest savings!)

***Massages in a package can be gifted to friends & family***

***There are no refunds for packages, they are either to be used or gifted to others***

Gift certificates

Many options to choose from!  Any of the above specials can be gifted as gift certificates, or used for yourself.  Click below to get started!

Discount Package Gift Certificates Found Here

Under Dollar amount Gift Certificates and Promotional Gift Certificates!

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