Written & Video Reviews

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Below are testimonials of happy clients from over the years

"I set-up an appointment with Shawn because I had a lot of low back pain.  He seemed to know exactly where the pain was, and worked on it for most of the massage.  It felt so great afterwards!  Shawn also showed me some things I can do to try to keep the pain away.  Already made another appointment for next week!"

- John T.

"Sciatica pain was bothering me for the better part of a year.  After the massage, I was amazed how much better I felt!  I regularly see Shawn once a month now, and my sciatica pain is non-existent!  I wish I knew how good massage was for this pain sooner!"

- Kim S.

"I was having carpal tunnel come and go in my right hand.  It was getting bad enough where my doctor wanted me to schedule surgery for it.  I met Shawn while getting a chair massage at RIT.  He had me schedule a 30 minute massage just to work on my hands, forearms and other arm muscles to see if it would help.  While the massage itself wasn't the most relaxing, my hands felt wonderful after he was done.  I came in once a week for 30 minutes for six sessions, and I can say now that my carpal tunnel is completely gone!  I see Shawn now once a month for maintenance to make sure it doesn't come back.  Way better than surgery!

Nicole M.

"My right arm was messed up from playing golf.  Shawn told me he thought it could be golfers elbow, and worked on certain points in my arm.  I felt so much better after, and my arm hasn't hurt since.  Thanks!"

- Kevin D.

"Thank you Shawn! I feel great and have absolutely no pain! Can't wait for my next appointment!"

- Lindsay K.

"Shawn is amazing.  I had messed up my back and could barely walk.  He knew exactly what to do to improve my condition.  I am a big fan!"

-Linda S.


- Charles S.

"Shawn provided a very relaxing whole body massage, focusing on sore muscles and showing me simple stretches to do at home.  I will definitely schedule another massage!"

- Darlene P.

"Shawn was excellent!  Very knowledgeable.  Shawn listened, and worked all the kinks out and stress knots!  I felt an instant relief!  Can't wait to go again!!"

- Barbara W.

"Shawn was very professional and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable.  The location is very nice."

- Pam P.

"Shawn was great and very professional.  Wonderful massage, clean and beautifully decorated room.  Definitely would recommend him, and he is also very knowledgeable and helpful."

- Carol H.

"The massage was great!  Shawn worked hard on my trouble spots.  I will be going back!"

- Colleen C.