Your Pain Relief Specialist in Rochester, NY

Shawn Belles, Licensed Massage Therapist


Helping people with massage is a passion of mine.  As a massage therapist, I focus on making people feel better and relieving them of pain.  I do this by listening to my clients, conducting proper assessment, and making sure problem areas are worked on during massage.  My clients know that the work that I do helps them tremendously.

My training includes study in neuromuscular techniques to help with nerve restrictions & adhesions in muscle.  I'm currently studying Myofascial Release & Orthopedic bodywork techniques to better help my clients with their pain management.  It is important to me to keep current on recent pain science studies to better help my clients.  

Do you just want to relax?  Need to de-stress?  I can do that as well.  Massage for general relaxation can be just as important for healing, especially for those who are living hectic lives and need to slow down.  I also work on expecting moms with prenatal massage.  

Many of my clients ask me "how did you get into this line of work?".  Before I found my way into massage, I was serving my country in the US Air Force for seven years.  My job was Security Forces, a mix of both security & law enforcement.  While the job had its ups and downs, I always enjoyed any opportunity to help people out of their bad situations.  I left the military because I wanted to help people in a different capacity.  When I went back to school for nursing, I discovered the massage program and fell in love with it.

I graduated Finger Lakes Community College in 2010 with a degree in Therapeutic Massage & Integrative Healthcare.  Since then, I've helped hundreds of people with their chronic pain and discomfort.  I've worked closely with several doctors and healthcare professionals in determining treatment plans for patients.  I continue to educate myself on ways to improve my skills and help my clients.  Nothing makes me happier in my day when you leave my office feeling better than you when you walked in.

In my free time, I like to practice what I preach by getting massages 2-3 times a month.  Along with that, I get chiropractic adjustments along with acupuncture.  I like going to the gym several times a week, as well as walking my dogs every chance I get (which is hard with two small children!).  Self-care ensures I'm working at full capacity when you're on my massage table.  I come home to my awesome wife Heather, my son Ethan, daughter Emma, and our three dogs (Coco, Killer, and Indy!).