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MediCupping - Pain Relief Massage, Rochester, NY

Cupping therapies have become more popular in the past few years due to the Olympics and trending celebrities rocking cupping marks on their bodies.  Did you know that cupping therapies have been around for thousands of years?  Hippocrates (the founder of western medicine) advocated for both massage & cupping therapies.  All the way up until the 1930's doctors regularly had cupping sets to help with their patients pain.  So what happened?  New drugs such as penicillin came to the forefront and along with other advances in medicine, cupping went to the wayside.  However, cupping has continued to thrive in many parts of the world such as many cultures in Asia & Eastern Europe.  Now it's seeing a resurgence in North America.

For many years, cupping was primarily practiced by those knowledgable with Traditional Chinese Medicine such as Acupuncturists.  In the past few decades, western bodyworkers started using cupping along with massage to enhance the treatments.  We call this combination of massage with cupping as MediCupping Therapy.  Instead of using the cups for unblocking the Chinese energy meridians, we look at it in a western philosophy of affecting the tissues, nervous system and keeping the cups active instead of the traditional static cup placement.

Therapeutic Benefits

So how can cupping help you?  Here are some of the therapeutic effects that cupping has on the body:

  • Lymph drainage

  • Loosen adhesions (great for trigger point work)

  • Release deep tissue issues (Cupping can be used as another form of deep tissue massage)

  • Move stagnation

  • Relieve inflammation

  • Stimulate blood flow

  • Softens scar tissue

  • Sedating to the nervous system (which equals less pain)

  • Increase range of movement

In cupping therapy, the cups are moved over the skin using gliding, shaking, popping, and rotating techniques while gently pulling up on the cup to separate tissues.  The cups may also be parked for a short time to facilitate joint mobilization & release soft tissues.  Another benefit is to pull stored toxins and inflammation from the body to the surface of the skin where the lymphatic system can more readily eliminate them.

Conditions That Respond Well To Cupping Therapy

I've seen many great results for my clients when using MediCupping to relieve their pain.  Here are some conditions that MediCupping therapy can help with:

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Bursitis, Tendonitis and other inflammatory conditions

  • Sluggish colon, IBS

  • Stagnant lymph and edema

  • Poor circulation

  • Sciatica

  • Insomnia & anxiety

  • Poorly nourished skin & muscle tissue

  • Lung inflammation & congestion

  • Cellulite

  • Migraines & headaches

  • High blood pressure

  • Asthma and pneumonia

  • Pre/Post-operative conditions

  • Chronic pain

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Athletic stress & injury

For initial sessions, I may limit cupping to 15-30 minutes of the session.  Everyone reacts differently to MediCupping therapy; as your therapist I always err on the side of caution to ensure client safety.  After the initial session, I may increase or decrease the duration of cupping on follow-up appointments.

Potential Reactions

I think many that have heard of cupping therapy are familiar with the marks it can leave behind.  These marks are called "cup kisses" which is a discoloration due to toxins & old blood being brought to the surface of the skin.  Not everyone who receives cupping gets these marks, but many do.  Just know these marks are not bruises, and they do not hurt.  Cup kisses can stay on the body for a matter of hours, or up to a week. 

Sometimes there is post treatment tenderness after a cupping session, but the sensation is less than what you may receive from a deep tissue massage treatment.  Increased redness & itching may happen due to increased vasodilation in the tissues as well as inflammation brought to the surface.  Vasodilation also decreases blood pressure which happens when the nervous system is sedated through cupping therapy.

I noticed that my clients who are new to MediCupping therapy get very relaxed & tired after their session.  After repeated sessions, the MediCupping therapy can become more stimulating where clients leave energized and feeling great.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

That just depends on each client.  For chronic conditions, I encourage coming in for a series of 4 treatments which optimally would be twice a week.  For those that can't swing it in their schedule, then we can do once a week for a month.  We want to have that consistency to achieve results faster and improve your condition.

What Clients Say About MediCupping


Service Rates For Single Session & Package Rates

Single Sessions

  • 60 Minute MediCupping Session: $100

  • 90 Minute MediCupping Session: $135

Package Rates For Medicupping therapy

  • 4 - 60 Minute Sessions: $380

  • 8 - 60 Minute Sessions: $670

  • 4 - 90 Minute Sessions: $520

  • 8 - 90 Minute Sessions: $1040

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