Migraines & Headaches

Did you know that most headaches are caused from tension from your muscles?  Don't believe me?  Check out this article HERE.  Headaches & migraines are the physical manifestations of your stress.  When you go through stressful times in your life, we often 'tense' right up.  Some people will clench their jaw repeatedly all day from their stress (which can cause a vice-grip like headache around the head, not to mention creating possible jaw dysfunction).  Others will tense their shoulders at the neck causing different types of headaches.

There are some unfortunate people out there that have chronic headaches stemming from the time they were kids.  This can be because of physiological issues in that persons body that may be making these muscles chronically tighten up.  Fortunately, consistent massage has even helped these individuals in the past.  Check out this study done in 2002 on how massage affected chronic headache sufferers HERE.

I always urge those suffering from these conditions to do something about it.  Life is miserable if your always getting headaches!  Some get great relief through massage therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture.  For most of those I've spoken with that get chronic headaches & migraines, headache medication doesn't scratch the surface when it comes to relief. 

So what can massage do?  I use a combination of trigger point and myofascial release techniques to help my clients out.  Through that work, it can help muscles relax that are used to be consistently tight.  For chronic sufferers, I urge them to see me consistently (at least twice a month at first) to get more lasting results.  I'll ask you questions on when you feel your headaches, and how we can possibly avert them.  I have been very successful in bringing relief to these people and would love to provide relief to you if you suffer from this as well.  Skeptical?  Come in for a massage to see what effect it will have for you!  You can make an appointment online HERE.