Neck & shoulder pain can be debilitating.  Have you ever had pain so bad in your neck you couldn't turn your head?  How about that pain racing down your shoulder anytime you swing your arm forward?  Not fun.

Where do these pains come from?  Why does it seem that it happens "all of a sudden"?  Well chances are it's because of something you did.  Every cause has it's effect right?  You really have to ask yourself, "what did I do that might be causing my problem?"  Many times your body may be giving you warnings that something isn't right, other times it's your body punishing you for the events of a previous day, or sleeping in a particular bad position.

In acute cases, neck & shoulder problems generally come from overuse of the same muscles.  Any repetitive activity (ie: going too hard at the gym, rowing a boat) will most likely make those muscles angry the next day.  Sometimes those aches and pains go away after a couple of days, sometimes it lingers longer.

For chronic cases, long-time bad posture (we're talking months/years) will cause chronic pain.  Of course other factors may apply.  But 9 times out of 10, someone that works on a computer 8-10 hours a day every week will most likely have neck & shoulder problems.  Why is that a problem?  Most people that work at a computer all day display terrible posture.   

Check out that low back figure!  But as you can see the other two most stressed areas are the neck & shoulders.  Since we're on the subject of poor posture at the workplace, check out this article about what sitting all day actually does to your body by clicking HERE.

Getting back on topic, neck & shoulder pain can virtually come from anywhere.  Are you ready to be pro-active about this pain?  Magic pain pills will dull or numb the pain, but once they wear off, you can believe that the problem will still be there.  So what can you do?  

There are so many options out there for you to improve your situation!  You can try physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, reflexology, and massage therapy to help you understand what needs to be done to get yourself better.  Above all, try not to ignore your pain to the point where you need surgery.  Surgery should always be your last option.  Why you ask?  Because nobody knows what side effects from surgery you will have (there can be many).

So how can massage help?  At my office, I would take a complete intake of your problem.  I would ask you where you felt the pain, what movement causes your pain, and provide a plan on what I would do in the massage to make your life easier (less pain).  My massage is a combination of several techniques.  This massage would consist of neuromuscular & trigger point techniques,  range of movement stretches, and traction.  I have a large bag of techniques I've learned over the years to assist you in getting your pain to manageable levels and possibly getting you out of pain.  Are you a skeptic?  You can always try my massage for 30 minutes to see if you get any improvement.  I can even do massage to these areas with your clothes on.  My goal will always to see you get better.  Most of all, I'll be happy that your stepping up to do something about your pain!  You can make and appointment online today!