Pregnancy (Prenatal) Massage


Massage for the expecting mother.  This massage will use soft tissue massage techniques, as well as utilizing specific massage to areas that are causing problems for mom-to-be.  You may have heard that massage during pregnancy isn't good for the mother or baby.  There is no scientific evidence that supports the assertion, and massage has been very beneficial at all levels of the pregnancy.

Of course it would be a good idea to talk with your primary care physician before receiving your first massage.  Unfortunately there are some pregnancies that are high risk in the first trimester.  In that case, massage is contraindicated during this time for safety and liability reasons.  Make sure you are cleared from your doctor first before scheduling a pregnancy massage.

This massage is performed on a massage table using several pillows for support.  In the first tri-mester, massage can be performed regularly in both supine (face-up) and prone (on your stomach).  In the second and third tri-mester, massage is performed in a semi-reclined position and in a side-lying position with pillows for support.

This is a great massage for stress relief and to help mom through her pregnancy.  Generally in late term of the pregnancy, back & hip issues can make life hard for the expecting mom.  Massage can provide much needed relief in these regards.  Having those nagging sciatica pains in the leg?  Get rid of your pain with a Pregnancy massage!  Easy online scheduling HERE.

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