Relaxation (Swedish) Massage


Most recommended type of massage for the massage newbie.  Why you ask?  It is one of the more gentler forms of massage.  Six basic techniques are used when a Licensed Massage Therapist performs this type of massage.  These can include;

  • Effleurage (long or short strokes)
  • Pettrisage (muscle squeezing)
  • Compression (pushing down on muscle)
  • Friction (muscle warming)
  • Tapotement (chopping techniques that are used more in fast paced massages)
  • Vibration (alternating hand movements to stimulate nerve response)

This kind of massage is the most common and recognized in the western world.  The massage is performed on a massage table with the client underneath appropriate draping.  Most often referred to as a pamper massage, this kind of massage can be performed by most massage therapists out there.  Many day spas will promote this type of massage along with a soothing environment.

In a Swedish relaxation massage, the therapist will use slow soothing Effleurage (gentle) strokes on the entire body.  Some Pettrisage and Compression may be used, along with other techniques to promote overall relaxation.  Pressure in this massage will range from light to medium so that it targets the superficial layers of muscles (the layers of muscle closest to your skin). 

While the focus of this massage is to promote overall relaxation, pain can also be reduced from tight contracted muscle.  Swedish massage increases circulation to these muscles that receive less blood flow due to tightness and helps relax them.  One of the largest benefits of this massage however is mental stress relief.  For those suffering from anxiety/depression/Insomnia (stress-related) this massage can help tremendously.  For some, its very hard to let go of daily stresses.  If this is you, it may be time to try a nice relaxing massage.  Easy online scheduling HERE.

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