Sports Massage Therapy


This type of massage is tailored for all kinds of athletes.  Whether your a weekend warrior, or a 24-7 gym rat, this massage is a good option for you.  For sports massage, the therapist will focus on areas of the body that are overused due to the persons sport.  This massage is performed on a massage table with the client either clothed in stretchy work-out attire, or unclothed underneath sheet and blanket.

Soft tissue manipulation as well as some Deep Tissue massage is used during sports massage.  Other techniques that are used include:  

  • friction to warm-up tight muscle and break up adhesion's
  • tapotement (chopping to prepare muscles for the sport activity)
  • vibration (helps with any muscle spasms)
  • stretching (used pre/post event) & Range of movement exercises

Many athletes will schedule this kind of massage before a sporting event to prepare their body for the rigorous activity.  Many will schedule this massage for after the event to aid in recovery.  Sports massage is a great addition to anyone's physical regimen so that muscles don't get too tight.  Sports massage is highly recommended for runners due to repetition of the movement on lower extremities.  Need to recover faster?  Give sports massage a try!  Easy online Scheduling HERE.

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