Nope, please don't come in today

Thats right, if you look like the the above picture, I would ask you to reschedule your appointment before coming in.  It's that time of year again where everyone is coming down with something.  Of course I understand if you're just getting over a cold, but in those initial stages and during a cold, you are pretty contagious.  

Seems like common sense to reschedule and go home to rest right?  Well I do know some of you would get your massage no matter what (and I do appreciate you!), but not only could you get me sick, massage can exacerbate your own symptoms.  This goes especially for those that have a fever.  Massage does increase circulation in the short term and it will drive an existing fever up.  Not the most practical time to come in for a massage.  I've actually had to turn away clients that came to me with a fever, I will not play around with making you potentially worse.  Especially if I am sick, I will reschedule everyone until I know that my symptoms are not contagious.

Have you had a very recent motor vehicle accident?  The first 2 weeks (or more) after a current accident, I'll most likely reschedule your appointment depending on your accident.  If you're pretty sore after an accident, it's most likely the inflammation in your body trying to repair soft tissues.  Massage on inflamed areas will only make matters worse.  What to do?  Getting chiropractic adjustments during this period of time can work wonders in relieving neck & back pain.

One last note; if you're on several pain killers or muscle relaxers before the appointment, I may have to reschedule you depending on your situation.  I do this because if you can't feel the degree of pressure I'm using in sensitive areas, I can really make those areas worse because I do not have accurate feedback from you.  I ask to please refrain from taking those medications until after the massage, your body may thank you later for it.

Above all, please use your common sense and reschedule your appointment if you need to, I'll understand!  If you know ahead of time you're not going to be well for our appointment, please give me a 24 hour notice so that I'll be able to fill your spot.  Thanks for reading!

Shawn BellesComment