Sports Massage in Rochester, NY

Did you know that sports massage can enhance athletic performance?  Some athletes see an increase of 30-40% in performance after sports massage.  How is that even possible?  Sports massage is performed on muscles used most during training; so you will be ready come time of the event.  This type of massage can be vital in preventing injury when pushing your body to it's limit.  Post event sports massage is just as important for recovery.  Especially for athletes that want to get right back out there training at full capacity.

Do you have to be an athlete to receive sports massage?  Nope.  Many end up injuring themselves when increasing activity.  Simple exercise such as a walking program 3x a week can cause injury.  My job (besides massage) is educating the public on how they can use their bodies better and facilitate healing.  Anyone who comes to my office generally gets some form of sports massage along with a mash-up of deep tissue techniques as needed.

How is sports massage different from other forms of massage?  I define sports massage as specific bodywork performed on muscles exerted most during sports activity.  For pre-event, the massage is performed on overused muscles while activating inhibited, weaker muscles. When dealing with sports related injuries, the massage tends to be deeper and incorporates more stretching components in the massage.  Generally this would be for post event recovery.

What is a sports massage like?  It depends on the time & place honestly.  When coming to the office, clients either wear sports attire (t-shirt & shorts) or disrobe and get under the sheet & blanket.  At an actual sporting event, athletes get massaged in whatever clothing they are wearing.  The massage can range from quick techniques such as chopping, rocking & friction to slower, deeper techniques like compression needed for muscle recovery.

For those planning on getting a pre-event sports massage, rule of thumb is not have deep tissue related massage within 48-72 hours before the event (this can hinder performance).  However pre-event massage right before the event that is quick & invigorating is fine such as rocking or shaking techniques.  Post event massage you will want to wait at least 48 hours after the event so any swelling or inflammation decreases by the time of the appointment.

What are some common sports related injuries?  I see many come to my office with runners knee, plantar fasciitis, golfer/tennis elbow, IT band pain and other issues.  This type of massage can dramatically speed up your recovery.  Does sports massage seem appealing to you?  Go ahead and schedule online here.  Questions regarding sports massage?  Get a hold of me through my contact page or comment below.  Thanks!

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