Everyone needs a butt massage!


Yep I said it!  Butt massage does a body good.  Ok you're probably thinking I'm crazy (and possibly creepy) if you've never been massaged there before.  Why should we even talk about this?  Isn't that a no-no touchy place on the body?  Not exactly.

Ok, I'll be a little more professional now, and tell you that I never refer to it as butt massage to my clients.  I generally refer to the butt as the gluteul muscles.  Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, and Gluteus Minimus to be more specific.  Why is getting massage in this area important though?  First off, did you know that the largest muscle in your body is the Gluteus Maximus?  If that gets skipped over in your massage thats a huge portion of your body that's missed.  Now you may be completely cool with that, but do you have any back pain?  Your Glutes may be partially (or mostly) responsible for it.


The picture above shows some of the myofascial pain areas that Gluteus Medius could refer to.  Generally, the two muscles that I always check for low back pain first are the Gluteus Medius and the Quadratus Lumborum (which is located in the low back region).  The pain can linger in the low back, top of the hip, or near the tail bone.  Those X's in the above picture are examples of "trigger points"/Knots/angry nerves that may refer pain to the low back.  I use compression, stretches & myofascial release based techniques to provide relief to these areas.


Maybe you're not worried by low back pain.  Are you having any problems walking?  That proverbial pain in the butt can make life difficult.  Hip dysfunction is no joke, and there are plenty of good points in the Gluteus muscles that massage can make life easier.  There's even a nasty muscle in the Glutes called the Piriformis that can squeeze on the Sciatic nerve; causing hip and leg pain.  Check out my article on Sciatica for more info on that.

So do I have you convinced that everyone needs a butt massage?  What?  You don't have any pain there?  Thats great!  However, massage in this area is important for just about everybody.  Athletes who overwork the Glutes, people with jobs that have a lot of standing or siting, or anyone recovering from medical procedures can all benefit.  


Just remember, if you're a little shy, let the therapist know to work through clothing or the sheet.  If you leave underwear on, the therapist will work over the sheet.  If you take them off, the therapist will drape modestly with a sheet working just one side of the glutes at a time.  So if you've never had work in the glutes and have a massage coming up, make sure your therapist includes it in the full body massage.  Besides the benefits, butt massage feels awesome!  Are you in need of a massage?  Make an appointment online HERE.


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