Massage Tips for Relieving Headache and Sinus Pressure

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The pain caused by headaches is sometimes too much to bear. Studies show that children have a 50% chance of suffering from migraines if they have a parent who also suffers from the same. In the U.S., 28 million individuals are estimated to get migraines. Out of this number, 4.5 million experience the headaches more than once every month.  Roughly 30 to 35 million people experience sinus pain during the same period.

If you suffer either or both of these two conditions, you can employ some massage tactics for relief:


Find the pressure point causing the headache. Most headaches are in the temple area of the head. They can arise in this area due to tightness in the temporalis muscle, typically brought on by stress.

Once you have located the specific area the headache is coming from, use your hands to apply pressure. Use your index and middle fingers and start pressing. Ensure that you move your jaw by opening and closing it.

Use a heating pad and place it in the area the headache is occurring. Using a heating pad or a hot cloth will help loosen the muscles a bit. After doing this lay on your back and place your index fingers in your mouth. Then start stretching your jaws.

You can also apply pressure to the orbicularis oculi muscles. These are muscles located in the brow area of the eye. You can either pinch this area or use your index finger to slowly and carefully massage it.

Use your index and middle fingers to massage the front area of the head. Doing so will help ease the muscles which are known as frontalis muscles.


If you have sinus pressure, then you will want to go for the indentation of your eye sockets. Ensure that you rub your hands together first because warm hands are preferable in relieving sinus pressure.

Use your index fingers and slightly press them on the indentation. Keep this up for a minute.

Use your thumbs to massage your cheeks by applying pressure. Sinus pain can be discomforting, and to be free from it, relieving the nasal congestion is necessary.

Do not continue massaging if you are in severe pain, which may indicate infection — in which case, it would be best to consult an ENT.


Headaches and sinus pressure can disrupt your life, interfering with your daily routines and even your sleep. Most headaches — even migraines — will eventually pass without treatment. Frequent headaches can indicate unresolved tension that may need a professional massage therapist to loosen.

If your headache or sinus pain lasts longer than 48 hours, consult your physician.

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