Fight Chronic Pain with...Sheepskin?

sheep in meadow

Sheepskin is a natural medical marvel that can benefit anyone, but especially the elderly and those who suffer from chronic pain. As an soft, all-natural fabric with unparalleled comfort value, this material contributes to a healthier, more hygienic environment and lifestyle. Its primary benefits include improving circulation, friction resistance, natural anti-bacterial properties, and sheer comfort value.

Sheepskin Reduces Friction

Every strand of wool has an outer protein layer, which means sheepskin fibers slide smoothly against each other instead of rubbing. As such, products made of sheepskin are very smooth and reduce discomfort, which is especially helpful for non-active senior citizens and surgery patients who may have to sit or lay in the same position for extended periods. Additionally, because of its absorbency and buoyancy, sheepskin is very effective in helping guard against bedsores in bedridden individuals.

Sheepskin Alleviates Aches And Pains

Wool’s three-dimensional spiral crimp structure gives it natural buoyancy; each strand is, in essence, a miniature cushion. As a result, blankets, pads and mattresses made of sheepskin provide superior comfort and better distribute weight, taking pressure off limbs and the spine, which then alleviates chronic pain. For this reason, sheepskin is a popular material for mattress toppers, massage table pads, and even therapeutic rugs.

Sheepskin Improves Circulation

Proper blood circulation is vital. It’s the body’s engine that keeps oxygen flowing to the brain, supports your immune system, and facilitates cell growth. Body temperature affects circulation, too, and extreme swings either way — hot or cold — can inhibit blood flow.

That’s where sheepskin comes in!

Wool’s crimped hair structure traps air in pockets, making it an excellent insulator. By keeping its wearer cool during summer and warm during winter, sheepskin aids in maintaining proper circulation. Any person, at any age, can benefit from a circulation boost. However, but it’s especially helpful for elderly folks who may not get around much anymore — making sheepskin bedding and accessories super for seniors.

Sheepskin Helps Keep Bacteria At Bay

A significant part of living a healthy life is maintaining hygienic environments and mitigating disease incubators. Sheepskin naturally repels dirt, dust mites, and molds, making it an ideal hypoallergenic option. How? Lanolin. Lanolin is a natural skin oil produced by sheep. When gets wet, it converts into a kind of soap, keeping it naturally clean. As a “breathable” fabric, it also has natural wicking properties that isolate and absorb moisture, ultimately robbing bacteria of places to grow. In other words, less bacteria = fewer sick days.

Still feeling skeptical about sheepskin efficacy in combating dirt and germs? Keep in mind that hospitals regularly use pads, mattresses, and blankets made of sheepskin.


Sheepskin is arguably nature’s miracle fiber. Sheepskin is a great way to combat chronic pain, while also potentially reducing sick days and improving overall wellbeing. Furthermore, by pairing comforting sheepskin with regular massage therapy, you can kick chronic pain to the curb and feel like yourself again.

Shawn BellesComment