One of the Best Massage Therapists in Rochester

Last month, rated Pain Relief Massage as one of the top 20 best massage therapist in Rochester, NY.  It's an honor to be recognized among so many of my peers in the Rochester area.  How did they come to this conclusion?  Was it just picking random massage therapists and saying they are the best?  According to, they rated massage therapists in my area based on 25 variables across 5 different categories.  These categories are based on reputation, credibility, experience, availability, and professionalism.  Since these are the categories they critiqued me on, I would like to share my thoughts on each.  


As a sole proprietor & male massage therapist in this profession, it is very important for me to have a good reputation.  You may ask, "what does being a male massage therapist have to do with anything?"  In my experience, many prefer female therapists over male therapists.  Also, there's unfortunate stories in the news of male massage therapists sexually assaulting their clients.  This understandably creates fear when looking to get a massage from a male therapist.  A good reputation will defuse some of those fears.  

My goal in creating a good reputation is being professional in all aspects of my career.  When a client comes into my office my #1 goal is education.  I'll get a detailed intake from my client, explain how the massage session will go, and make sure that he/she is comfortable.  If I'm working in any "weird" areas of the body such as abdomen, hips, etc. I'll explain beforehand why bodywork is needed there. 

Besides being professional with each & every client, I network with several professionals throughout the Rochester area.  I belong to a network of physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists & personal trainers.  I intend to keep growing my network to provide referrals for clients that may benefit from their services if massage isn't the right avenue of helping with chronic pain. 

Having a professional looking website has also boosted my reputation.  I've created entire sections in my website about how massage can help relieve pain symptoms, self-care video's & articles, and an updated monthly blog.  By exploring my website, potential clients have a grasp of the massage I perform, and a level of trust even before meeting me for the first time. 

Being a sole proprietor competing against the likes of the massage franchises, spas, & other therapists, I make sure everyone has a great experience when visiting my office.  A good reputation ensures I'll stay in business for years to come.


I'm honest with all of my clients.  If someone in chronic pain is coming to see me for the first time, I say to give me at least three sessions to make positive lasting change.  If I believe that massage isn't going to help, then I'll be honest and refer out to someone who may be a better fit.  The massage/bodywork I perform comes from a neuromuscular perspective.  Basically what that means is I'm not going to feed you any mumbo-jumbo about removing toxins (which is a common massage myth).  Massage affects the nervous system, and that's where we'll hopefully bring about change.

I also let my reviews speak for themselves when it comes to both reputation & credibility.  You can check out my Massagebook reviews HERE.  I have over 30 five star reviews & counting for the service I provide.  Even if someone isn't going to choose me for bodywork, I encourage everyone to do their homework before choosing a therapist to work with.  You can also learn more about me on my about me page HERE.


I graduated from Finger Lakes Community College in 2010 with a degree in Massage Therapy & alternative healthcare.  I also received my New York State Licensure that same year and began massaging right away.  Since then, my entire career has been focused on providing massage for pain & dysfunction in the body.  In 2014, I decided to branch out & work for myself.  I found an office space within Pace Family Chiropractic, and began my private practice there.

On average I work with 650-720 people per year in my office.  To continue providing the best massage I can, I take an additional 40-100 continuing education credits each year.  All that education just gives me more proverbial "tools in the toolbox" to help bring upon relief.  The last few classes I've taken covered Orthopedic Massage, Myofascial Release for pain, and my next class is focused on Biomechanical Restructuring (again to help provide relief with pain symptoms).


This is one category I do have problems with.  I am a one-man show.  The only days of the week I am not in the office currently are most Tuesdays & Saturdays.  My only late evening is Thursday, which I know isn't the best for those working 8-4/9-5 jobs.  I teach an Introduction To Massage Therapy course at Rochester Institute of Technology Monday & Wednesday evenings which take up my evening availability.  Anyone interested in checking out my available hours can look HERE.

All of my clients know the fastest way to get a hold of me is by texting my business number (which is also found in my availability link above).  I'm in and out of my massage office all day, so the first thing I check on my phone after an appointment is my text messages.  It's easier for me to look at a message, look at my phone calendar, and get right back to that person.  Most likely if someone calls me, they catch my voicemail.  Since I'm generally very busy throughout the day, I get to voicemails generally 1-4 hours after I get them.  Slowest response time are e-mails, but I try to get back the same day as well.

I love giving my clients the option of online booking.  It's easy to check out my availability, make, change, or even cancel appointments.  My clients love the convenience of online scheduling.  It's an easy way to get on my books without having to wait for an answer about availability.  You can check out my online booking HERE.  


As I've touched upon throughout this article, being professional is important.  It's crucial to provide an environment that feels safe & comfortable for all of my clients.  My goal is to make sure everyone leaves my office more educated on their body, feeling relief, and on a plan to get them feeling better overall. 


Hopefully by reading this you'll have a better understanding of who I am, and how I approach my clients.  It is nice to be recognized by an outside organization to be one of the top 20 massage therapist in Rochester, NY.  I'll continue to work towards providing the best massage experience, and looking for ways to improve upon the bodywork I currently offer.  If you have any questions on my practice, or massage in general, please comment below!  I'll be happy to answer any inquires you have.