Natural Remedies for Strong Sinus Pressure

The pounding pressure seems to emanate from your own heartbeat and into your eye sockets and teeth, too. Sinus pressure is more than irritating; it is painful. According to Troy Howard, “Sinusitis is an infection or inflammation of the sinuses. A typical case of acute sinusitis begins with a cold or "flu" or an allergy attack that causes swelling of the nasal membranes and increased watery mucous production. The membranes can become so swollen that the tiny openings from the sinuses become blocked. When mucus and air cannot flow easily between the nose and sinuses, abnormal pressures occur in the sinuses, and mucus can build up in them. This creates a pressure-pain in the forehead or face, between and behind the eyes, or in the cheeks and upper teeth, depending on which sinuses are involved.”

If you’re suffering from this kind of pressure, you are in need of some natural remedies. The pressure pushing against your eyes and forehead can cause tremendous headaches. Clogged sinus passages make breathing difficult and sleep impossible. If symptoms continue after you’ve implemented these remedies, see a doctor, but here are a few ways to solve the problem in the meantime.


Nasal Irrigation

Stop the source of clogged sinuses - allergens and irritants - with a proper irrigation. Use a neti pot, nasal irrigation system or even a teaspoon filled with warm salt water, to flush your sinuses. The sterile saline water goes in one nostril, fills the sinus cavities, and then flows out the opposite nostril. This process should stop the passageways from being swollen, which will relieve that 'clogged up' feeling and pressure.



Be sure to use a humidifier during the winter months. Dry air from furnaces can wreak havoc on your sinuses. A humidifier will release tiny droplets of warm moist air into your home. This will help to humidify the air around you. The humid air will keep nasal passages moist, which means fewer colds and sinus problems for you and your household.


Sleep Upright

During the throes of a cold or flu, your head will feel stuffy. The constant coughing may keep you awake. Sleep may seem impossible. Try sleeping with your head and upper body propped in a sitting position (a recliner is an excellent choice) for more comfortable rest. The reason this works is that when you are in a prone position, the sinus exudate does not drain appropriately down your throat. Instead, it backs up into your sinuses and ear canals, causing that stuffy feeling. When you sit upright, the drainage will go down your throat instead.


Luxurious Massage

For those looking for natural solutions to their health concerns, all of these treatments will help. Of course, we are big proponents of the benefits of massage therapy. While not a treatment for sinus pressure per se, regular massages from a licensed therapist will help the body's natural healing and detoxifying processes, leading to a better general wellbeing. This, in turn, can prevent sinusitis, or help regulate it faster.

Shawn BellesComment