Use Your HSA/FSA For Massage!


Ok, I’ll have to apologize to those who didn’t know, but I’ve been accepting Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) for a while now. I know these accounts have become more popular due to higher deductible plans and many companies contribute to these accounts. For the moment, these accounts are the next best thing to accepting insurance in my practice.

Why Don’t You Accept Insurance?

Unfortunately most massage therapists do not take health insurance in New York State because most health insurance is based off workman’s compensation laws. Because of that, only medical doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors can bill massage therapy/manual therapies to insurance. Sure, a massage therapist can perform these services which could be covered through insurance; but that massage therapist needs to be employed by any of the three professions that can bill insurance. There are places out there in Rochester, NY that will bill massage to insurance, but they are few in number.

What About No-Fault Insurance?

Massage therapists can actually bill No-Fault insurance. However, most of us do not. Why is that? It’s a huge hassle! It’s a lot of paperwork, a lengthy process to get paid, usually denied initially, then when we finally get paid months down the road, it’s not at the full rate that we charge for. It’s unfortunate that the process is this way. However, if anyone needs a referral for a massage therapist that can take no-fault in Rochester, I’ll be happy to help!

How do I use my HSA/FSA?

Most HSA’s/FSA’s come with a Visa type of credit card that can be used in my credit processor. I can take these payments at my office or online when booking appointments. Before the massage, I would check with your insurance provider to make sure that massage is covered as part of the HSA/FSA. Also, no tipping is allowed to be put on these cards. That could get you in trouble as these funds are for medical expenses only.

Some providers request more specific or formal receipts of your massage service for reimbursement in which case, I can provide these for you. Most of the time, my clients have found that using their HSA/FSA card in my office is a breeze.

I need massage in my life & money in my HSA/FSA!

Just remember you’re using your HSA account for something that is a medical expense. Using it at a day spa for a relaxing massage experience wont be the best idea (and it may not be an accepted expense). It should always be treatment based to help solve a problem.

In which case, I love solving muscle issues & neuromuscular pain problems! Are you ready to book your next massage? Take a look at my schedule online and book your next appointment today!

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