I Got A New Toy!

Pain Relief Massage Hypervolt

The Hypervolt

First, I have to say this thing is pretty awesome. What is it? It’s a high powered massage vibrator! Why is that important? Because it can really help with muscle spasms, stubborn trigger points, and improve range of movement. My athletic clients are raving about this device as it really helps with their range of movement & stiffness right away!

So when would I potentially use this in practice?

  • Calm a hypersensitive nervous system, reducing muscle spasms

  • Relax tight/adhered soft tissue which can help with pain relief (great for knotty areas!)

  • To improve range of motion through vibration and gentle movement

  • Stimulate more blood flow to areas that are stagnant

How will I use this in practice?

This is a tool like anything else I use at my office, so in no way would I be using the Hypervolt during the entire massage session. If I feel the Hypervolt would really help the condition you are seeing me for; I will educate you about it’s use and ask for your permission before it’s use. No surprises on my massage table!

Does this cost any extra?

Nope! It’s just another Tool I can use in treatment. I always want to make sure I have the best possible tool for the job; weather that’s my hands, elbows, massage cups, or by using the Hypervolt. If you would like to try it out during your next massage appointment just ask!

Need to schedule your next massage appointment?

Are you not on my massage schedule? If you need to address those pesky aches & pains, it’s time to do so! The Hypervolt does a great job on those problem areas! Come on in and check it out!