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Why You Need Your Pecs Worked On

For years I've performed chair massage at numerous places of business.  The number one complaint most of my clients had were neck & shoulders.  Like 85% of office workers generally had shoulder & back pain.  The pain spots were generally right at the base of the neck or in the shoulder blade region.  Why did most of my clients present with the same type of symptoms?  Because their pectoral muscles were tight.

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Massage Vs. Chiropractic

You're in pain.  The last trip to the doctor was uneventful, and he or she sent you home with painkillers that didn't take care of the problem.  You have a friend that swears that massage worked for her tough pains.  Another friend claims that chiropractic worked wonders on his low back pain.  Choosing between the two, you realize you don't really know much about massage or chiropractic.  Isn't massage all about pampering and relaxation?  Isn't chiropractic all about getting your back "cracked"?  Why would you even want to try either treatment for your pain?  Read on to find out.

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